Online Giving


Online Giving: A new option for us at Seminary Baptist Church.  

Realizing that people are more frequently choosing to use online and mobile banking as a way of making contributions, we wanted to be able to make this option available to our church family and others who may choose to use this option in making gifts to the ministries of Seminary Baptist Church.

If you click on the GIVE button above, you will be directed to our secure giving portal.  When you arrive there, you should have no trouble navigating the process of giving. 

There are several items that you will notice there:  You may choose set up a one-time gift or a recurring gift;  You will be able to choose how your gift is made (ie. ACH transfer from your checking account (preferred method), or your Debit Card); You will choose what type of gift you are making (ie. Tithe, Missions Offering, Acts 1:8 Mission, Other...); and you will find a Memo line that you can use for further detail concerning your gift.  This Memo line has been added to assist our Financial Secretary most accurately recording your charitable gifts to the church each year.   

One last thought: Because we believe what Scripture teaches us concerning our being stewards of what God has blessed us with as well as the warning given concerning the borrower being slave to the lender, we do not encourage you to make gifts to Seminary Baptist Church with Credit Cards.  We ask that you use either ACH transfers from your banking account or Debit Cards only.

If you choose to continue giving in more traditional ways, you are certainly encouraged to do so.  This new option is just that, a new way to continue and grow in our faithfulness to God in the area of stewardship throrugh the Tithe and Offerings.

Church App Available for Mobile Devices